Piles of mulch to be delivered for landscape beds.

Ponds and Aquascapes

Elevating the sights and sounds of your property with a new dimension of natural beauty.

Ponds and Aquascapes

Over the years Northern Fertilizing has designed and installed stunning ponds, waterfalls and aquascapes throughout Greater Sudbury and the surrounding areas.

A pond, waterfall or aquascape can provide a lovely accent to your property. Offering breathtaking visual beauty along with the relaxing sound of flowing water, a pond, waterfall or aquascape will turn your property into peaceful natural sanctuary.

New mulch being installed in landscape bed.

We take care of all aspects of design, installation and maintenance.

From planning to plumbing to installing and maintaining, Northern Fertilizing has it covered.

We will work closely with you to design the pond or aquascape of your dreams.

Next, we'll prep the area where your new pond or aquascape will be constructed and install any necessary plumbing and pumps.

Using the materials and colours of your choice, we'll construct the pond or aquascape and install a durable liner to keep water in its place.

We will finish up the design by planting shrubs, flowers, or small trees that accent your new pond or aquascape, and we'll fine-tune your fountains, waterfalls, and other water features so everything operates just right.

We will also tell you how to winterize your pond or aquascape for the cold Winter months, and how to restart your system in the Spring. We provide ongoing pond maintenance services for our customers in Northern Ontario, give us a call (705) 693-3826 if you would like to discuss a maintenance schedule that meets your needs.

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